Resistance to Christianity

Nothing less than a complete historical account of the development of Christianity.

––Alastair J. Hemmens

Formidably erudite without ever drifting into dry scholasticism, Resistance to Christianity ranges from the origins of the Bible to the fraught doctrinal controversies of the fourth century to the Levellers and Jansenists of the early modern period, thereby revealing the too-little-known history that lies behind the modern world’s theological horizons.


Serrano is one of our era’s greatest American artists.


Like archaeological ruins, [Tinti’s poems] stand complete, even as they sketch a past completeness that is, now, a far country.

––Fiona Sampson

A highly prized and rare artistic collaboration in which the renowned poet Gabriele Tinti and the world-famous artist Andres Serrano have produced a haunting meditation on religion, violence, and physicality.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

One of the most skilfull critics at work today.

––Barry Schwabsky, THE NATION

Using the editor’s perennial marker pen, historian and art critic Hal Foster intervenes, interjects, and interrupts Blake s ruminations with his own creative genius. What better way to enliven the already illuminated pages of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell than by the addition of never-before-seen marginalia by this influential thinker.
Lucas Samaras: A Life


A tour de force of narcissism and inventive art . . .
Art and life seamlessly integrate in perpetual metamorphic motion.

––Donald Kuspit

From his sensitive evocation of Samaras’s childhood in wartime Greece through to his perceptive interpretation of the artist’s career in the United States, Michael Skafidas has produced an outstanding account of his subject’s life and work. It is also an intriguing record of his own relationship with Samaras, and a powerful mediation on the art of life-writing.