Edited by Peter Bratsis, Bruno Gulli, Kristin Lawler, and Michael Pelias

The Stanley Aronowitz Reader

OUT MAY 2024

Flapped Paperback
Publishes May 2024
Extent:  348 pages
Trim: 13 x 23 cm
Price: £20 / £10 (ebook)


One of America’s most prominent social theorists.

––The Brooklyn Rail

Stanley Aronowitz is a national treasure.

––Peter McLaren, UCLA

Stanley Aronowitz is the most important scholar on the past and present US working class.

––Cornel West

One of the left’s most prolific, passionate and provocative academic-writer-activists.

––Sam Gindin


Stanley Aronowitz (1933-2001) was a towering figure on the American Left for over sixty years. Both a tireless organizer and a militant social and political theorist, Aronowitz was a highly perceptive analyst of class power. He was dedicated throughout his career to the development and circulation of conceptual weapons for the working class and for all those who faced oppression within American society.

Live Theory: The Stanley Aronowitz Reader brings together in thirteen seminal essays Aronowitz’s theoretical contributions to fundamental questions regarding science, class, culture, and education, alongside his pioneering interventions on labor, contract unionism, and the ongoing struggle for radical democracy. It is a crucial introduction to an indispensable thinker.


Stanley was a distinguished scholar of labor, work, unions, class, education, American politics, and Marxism. […] [False Promises] is the most wide-ranging exploration of working-class consciousness I’ve ever read. […] A fighting left needs more people like him […].

––Jamie McCallum, Jacobin

Through his radical and relentless pursuit of knowledge and justice, Aronowitz provided a blueprint for living an intellectual life that matters to those of us who refuse to accept the status quo.

––Eric Weiner, Montclair State University