The Life and Afterlife

of Maurice Saatchi

Extent: 128 pages
Trim: 12.9 x 19.8 cm
ISBN: 9781912475599
Price: £20 (HB) £15 (PB)


Deeply moving.

—Sir David Hare

I relished every page.

—Sir Elton John

Beautiful and profound.

—The Dean of Westminster

An act of enduring and boundless love.

—Michael Dobbs

A work of loss, love, and distress.

—Jon Snow

Surreal and insightful.

—John Major

Maurice Saatchi is dead.

He is standing in front of the Gates of Heaven. Arrival halls worse than Heathrow. Queues. Overcrowding. A tidal wave of Paradise seekers. ID scans. Voice and facial recognition. X-ray examinations. Background checks. It all seems like a bad dream.

His tests expose abnormalities. He is charged with multiple breaches of immigration law and detained pending a full jury trial.

The verdict will reveal the biggest secret of all time: why some people go to Heaven and others to Hell.

Do Not Resuscitate is a bold statement. Maurice Saatchi, a towering figure in the worlds of business and politics, frames his unsparing self-portrait with the conceit of a celestial trial in which his application to pass through the Gates of Heaven is heard before a jury featuring luminaries like Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Chairman Mao, and Margaret Thatcher. In seeking admission to Heaven, Saatchi offers a defence like no other.